Different kinds of Oshibori Towel

The Japanese take a good hold of their hospitability because it is one of their key weapons in attracting tourists towards their country every year. When guests feel welcome and well-taken care of, they see the beauty of the Japanese society and gets encouraged to visit more often while also telling others of their experiences.

Hot Towels

These kinds of towels are usually offered during the extremely cold winter season. It is good to warm up the face after getting in from the cold outdoors. According to yoga experts, a hot towel keeps the eye relaxed. It also promotes better circulation when placed in the head or the face. Oftentimes, a hot towel works wonders for the hands as well as the warm temperature can kill off some bacteria.

Although hotels, airlines, and restaurants will not serve piping hot towels, it is still better to check the temperature first before applying it fully on the hands or face. This is to avoid unwanted scalding of the skin.

Cold Towels

Cooler temperature towels are often given during humid and hot summers in Japan. It is absolutely refreshing for those traveling long distances which is why it is often offered by airlines and trains. Hotels also provide this as a welcoming gesture. This is helpful in cooling down the body’s temperature on a really hot day.

Other than the fact that a cool towel is refreshing, it also allows for better circulation in the body. On top of that, a cool towel can relieve heat stress, fevers, and even hot flushes. These are common during the hot summer climate.

Disposable Oshibori

Similar to a wet wipe, disposable towels are not made out of the typical cotton material. Oftentimes, they are made of paper or other products. Many people are now quite conscious about contracting diseases and other sicknesses from using a used wet towel. This is why, for sanitation purposes, some restaurants and hotels offer disposable wet towels for their guests.

Most often than not, items bought in convenience stores or take outs usually have disposable wet towels for their customers. These are often oshibori covered in plastic wrap. Or a large wet tissue wrapped in sealed foil.