Simple tips for caring for your Ervi’s Bath Towels.

  • Wash your towels in their own load on cold or warm, independent from clothing or linens. Wash towels on gentle cycle. Wash white and different color towels separately.
  • To prevent discoloration and staining, never use products that claim to whiten, brighten, or disinfect, such as bleach, household cleaners, and personal care products (e.g. skincare, toothpaste, etc.) that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxyl acids. Interaction with products that contain bleaching agents can discolor or stain your towels irreparably.
  • Do not use more than your detergent manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent. Too much detergent can leave your towels feeling rough and stiff.
  • Do not use liquid fabric softener, as it can cause waxy buildup, which will reduce your towels’ absorbency.
  • After use, air dry your towels by hanging them on hooks or racks. When machine drying towels after wash, use low heat to preserve your towels’ softness.
  • Store clean, dry towels in a well-ventilated space that is cool and dry. To keep them looking fluffy, give your towels a shake prior to folding.

Hang and remove your towels from the hook with the towel loop with care. Avoid putting excess pressure and tension on the loop, which can cause it to break and come off.
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