Towel Buying Tips

Match Towels to Your Style: Towels, face cloths, and bath mats are as much decorative accessories as necessities. You can choose from the ever-popular classic white or an array of colors, trims, and patterns. Fluffy white towels give a clean, spa-like feel to a master, guest, or shared family bath. White and other light, neutral towels coordinate with virtually any bathroom color and tend to have more longevity than colorful ones. Because colors tend to fade over time, you might want to buy extras.

Choose the Best Towel Materials: Because of its absorbency and strength, cotton is the fabric of choice for most bath towels. The manufacturing process and the choice of material affect towel absorbency. Although sheared towels (in which the tops of the loops are cut off) are the most absorbent, they aren’t necessarily the best for drying. Towels don’t dry you off simply by absorbing moisture; the fiber loops also brush water off the body. Bottom line: The number of loops per square inch is the most important indicator of towel performance.

Follow Towel Care Instructions: Good-quality bath towels can last for 10 years with proper care. Always check the label on your towels for particular care instructions before proceeding with washing and drying.

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